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.’ .,er [ to neuro-biological or physical schemes and that in Lacan the model, the reference, has been mainly Zinguistia (or more recently topo~ogiaa~) does not affect the radical particularity and separate existence of the fundamental psychoanalytical concepts which refer to a specific experience and are created in order to designate this experience. That this […]

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NEWS R.P. Day School on Dialectic On 19 June Goldsmiths College played host to another Radical Philosophy Day School. The speakers were Istvan Meszaros (The Cunning of History in Reverse Gear); Joe McCarney (Social Science and Dialectic); and Sean Sayers (Materialism, Realism, and the Theory of Reflection). The presentations were exceptionally clear and provided a […]

French Socialism and Philosophy Since May 1981

NEWS French Socialism and Philosophy Since May 1981 Has the new French Socialist Government made any moves to alter the position of philosophy in French education where (in spite of a diminution of the proportion of philosophy in the syllabus in the mid-seventies) philosophy still retains a role in school education not entirely unlike that […]

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the worker tries to gain mastery over the labour process). The contradictions arising directly from this type of work are arguably near-maximal for free labour: labour allows negligible mastery of skills; the efficacy of labour is felt to be external to the labour process and is located in the spheres of circulation and exchange. It […]

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right sources to draw on, and I am in general sympathy with Pilling’s approach. However, it must be said that he does not go beyond his sources. Much of the book consists in the rehearsal of familiar passages from Marx. I would say therefore that the book is likely not to be too exciting for […]

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NEWS Co-ordinating Left-Wing Intellectuals A number of editors of Radical Philosophy took part in a meeting in June to discuss the formation of a society to bring together the activities of the various left-wing intellects’ groups in Britain and co-ordinate their activities politically. The society is provisionally known as the Socialist Society. Many questions about […]

RP Dayschool, Scientists and Disarmament, Belgrade Maintains Intellectual Repression

NEWS R P Dayschool Over 50 people attended a lively and stimulating RP sponsored dayschool held at Sussex University on a rather cold and snowy November Saturday. The topic was ‘Recent Issues in Marxist Philosophy’. The day began with John Mepham and David Ruben discussing the recent Harvester series which they edited, with Jonathan Ree […]

Biologism Day School, Theory and Practice in Educashun

NEWS a COMMENT BIOLOGISM DA Y SCHOOL About 40 people attended the third RP day-school” on sociobiology, which was held at Goldsmiths’ College on Saturday 10 November. In the morning, Martin Barker gave an introduction to sociobiologic· al theory, focussing especially on Richard Dawkins’ book, The Selfish Gene, and this was followed by a general […]

Politics and the Production of Theoretical Journals

‘POLITICS AND THE PRODUCTION OF THEORETICAL JOURNALS’ In February 1979, the Radical Publications Group organised a conference at the ICA in London about current problems and opportunities for left publishing in Britain (see Radical Philosophy 22). The conference concentrated on questions of marketing (how to get a firm subscription base; how to expand shop sales; […]

French Philosophers Fight Cuts

such things as human motivation, human development and selfhood, and so on. There is still, I think, an i.mplicit tendency in Kathleen Wilkes’ book to regard everyday explanations of behaviour as interesting, perhaps, and practically essential in the conduct of life, but otherwise as rather inferior and unsatisfactory if co.mpared with anything that can be […]

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NEWS a: COMMENT RADICAL PUBLICATIONS GROUP CONFERENCE On Saturday 17 February there was a conference on ‘Publishing and Politics’ at the ICA in London. It was organised by the Radical Publications Group, a federation of left/alternative magazines including Radical Philosophy. The idea was to consider the whole field of publishing – books as well as […]

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NEWS Althusser. the Party, Marxism (1) Since the defeat of the left in the recent legis1ative elections, a wi:iesprea:i :iebate has developed within the French CP, reflecting the dissatisfaction felt by many militants with the lea:iership’s conduct of the electoral campaign. Although this debate is by no means confine:i to the party’s intellectuals, they provide […]

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I¥ternational the notion that western societies were the only model for the building of socialist society. Lenin wished to adopt the hl.rgel scale industry of Western countries, to catch_ up and surpass them. He argued (as did Trotsky) that there .w~ no need to invent Some original way of organIzIng labour as capitaUs m had […]

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1977, hc £10.00 B. M. G. Reardon, He”el’s Philosophy of Reliijon, London, Macmillan, 1977, hc £ 8. 95 J.Rosenbaum, ed., Rivette: Texts and Interviews, London, BFI, 1977, pb O. 75p J. Schwartz, ed., The Subtle Anatomy of Capitalism, Santa Monica, Calif., Goodyear Pub Co, 1977, pb np M. Smith, The Underground and Education, London, Methuen, […]

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symphonies, which so often submit to the imposed falsehood of a , soc iali st-optimist’ programne, nevertheless stand up ~s authentic creations of the sUffering artist, voicing an imminent critique of dominant ideology through the sheer -~nbalance and rebarbative crudeness of their structure. In these interpretive matters, where aesthetics meets with the phenome~­ olegy of […]