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David Macey, 1949-2011

Biographer of the French intellectual Left
by and / RP 171 (Jan/Feb 2012) / Obituary

David Macey died from complications of lung cancer on 7 October. He embodied the paradox of being a fine public intellectual while remaining an intenselyprivate person. He was one of the best intellectual historians of his generation and added appreciably to scholarly knowledge, yet did his most significant work as a freelance writer outside the confines of the conventional academy. To an editor concerned with making serious work accessible to […]

157 Reviews

by , , , , , and / RP 157 (Sep/Oct 2009) / Reviews

István Mészáros, The Challenge and Burden of Historical Time: Socialism in the Twenty-First Century Harry Harootunian Sandra Harding, Sciences from Below: Feminisms, Postcolonialitiesand Modernities Steve Hinchliffe Dimitris Papadopoulos, Niamh Stephenson and Vassilis Tsianos, Escape Routes: Control and Subversion in the Twenty-First Century Douglas Spencer Mark Neocleous, Critique of Security Olena Kobzar Thomas C. Hilde, ed., On Torture David Macey Adriano Cavarero, Horrorism: Naming Contemporary Violence Phillip Cole Annalisa Di Liddo, […]

151 Reviews

by , , , and / RP 151 (Sep/Oct 2008) / Reviews

The zero of real conflict Monique David-Ménard, Deleuze et la psychanalyse: L’altercation, Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, 2005. 186 pp., €22.00 pb., 2 13 055081 9. Christian Kerslake As its subtitle indicates, this book stages an ‘altercation’ between Deleuze and psychoanalysis. The psychoanalysis in question is that of Freud and Lacan. Monique David-Ménard’s first book, L’hystérique entre Freud et Lacan: corps et langage en psychanalyse (1983; translated as Hysteria from […]

146 Reviews

by , , and / RP 146 (Nov/Dec 2007) / Reviews

Jean-Jacques Lecercle, A Marxist Philosophy of Language Simon Jarvis Henri Alleg, The Question David Macey Penelope J. Corfield, Time and the Shape of History Harry Harootunian Sebastian Budgen, Stathis Kouvelakis and Slavoj Žižek, eds, Lenin Reloaded:Toward a Politics of Truth Liam O’Ruairc  

141 Reviews

by , , , , and / RP 141 (Jan/Feb 2007) / Reviews

Timothy Brennan, Wars of Position: The Cultural Politics of Left and Right Ken Hirschkop Tony Smith, Globalisation: A Systematic Marxian Account Joseph McCarney Boris Groys and Michael Hagemeister, eds, Die Neue Menschheit: Biopolitische Utopien in Russland zu Beginn des 20 Jahrhunderts Boris Groys and Aage Hansen-Löve, eds, Am Nullpunkt: Positionen derrussischen Avantgarde Boris Groys, Anne von der Heiden and Peter Weibel, eds, Zurück ausder Zukunft: Osteuropäische Kulturen im Zeitalter des […]

136 Reviews

by , , , , , and / RP 136 (Mar/Apr 2006) / Reviews

Sara Beardsworth, Julia Kristeva: Psychoanalysis and Modernity Tina Chanter and Ewa Plonowska Ziarek, eds, Revolt, Affect, Collectivity:The Unstable Boundaries of Kristevaʼs Polis Cecilia Sjöholm, Kristeva and the Political David Macey Ernesto Laclau, On Populist Reason John Kraniauskas Matthew Beaumont, Utopia Ltd: Ideologies of Social Dreaming in England 1870–1900 Fredric Jameson, Archaeologies of the Future: The Desire Called Utopia and Other Science Fictions Martin Ryle Janet Afary and Kevin B. Anderson, […]

130 Reviews

by , , , , , , and / RP 130 (Mar/Apr 2005) / Reviews

Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire Paolo Virno, A Grammar of the Multitude: For an Analysis of Contemporary Forms of Life John Kraniauskas Neil Lazarus, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Postcolonial Literary Studies Janna Thompson, Taking Responsibility for the Past: Reparation and Historical Justice Françoise Vergès Alessandra Tanesini, Wittgenstein: A Feminist Interpretation Gavin Kitching, Wittgenstein and Society: Essays in Conceptual Puzzlement Simon […]

128 Reviews

by , , , , , , , and / RP 128 (Nov/Dec 2004) / Reviews

Claudine Frank, ed., The Edge of Surrealism: A Roger Caillois Reader David Macey Judith Norman and Alexander Welchman, eds, The New Schelling Andrew Bowie Pheng Cheah, Spectral Nationality: Passages of Freedom from Kant to Postcolonial Literatures of Liberation John Kraniauskas Ben Watson, Derek Bailey and the Story of Free Improvisation David Cunningham Judith Butler, Precarious Life: The Powers of Mourning and Violence Nina Power Douglas Crimp, Melancholia and Moralism: Essays […]

123 Reviews

by , , , , , and / RP 123 (Jan/Feb 2004) / Reviews

Eduardo Mendieta, ed., Latin American Philosophy: Currents, Issues, Debates Eugene Gogol, The Concept of Other in Latin American Liberation: Fusing Emancipatory Philosophic Thought and Social Revolt Fidel Castro, On Imperialist Globalization: Two Speeches Jon Beasley-Murray Stathis Kouvelakis, Philosophy and Revolution: From Kant to Marx Joseph McCarney Henri Lefebvre, The Urban Revolution David Cunningham Ranjana Khanna, Dark Continents: Psychoanalysis and Colonialism Philip Derbyshire Max Deutscher, Genre and Void: Looking Back at […]

122 Reviews

by , , , , , and / RP 122 (Nov/Dec 2003) / Reviews

Raoul Vaneigem, A Declaration of the Rights of Human Beings: On the Sovereignty of Life as Surpassing the Rights of Man Ben Watson William E. Connolly, Neuropolitics: Thinking, Culture, Speed William E. Connolly, Identity/Difference: Democratic Negotiations of Political Paradox Monica Mookherjee Christopher J. Arthur, The New Dialectic and Marxʼs ʻCapitalʼ John Kraniauskas Barbara Taylor, Mary Wollstonecraft and the Feminist Imagination Barbara Caine George Yancy, ed., The Philosophical I: Personal Reflections on Life in Philosophy David Macey […]

114 Reviews

by , , , , and / RP 114 (Jul/Aug 2002) / Reviews

Julian Baggini and Jeremy Stangroom, eds, New British Philosophy: The Interviews Peter Osborne Stuart Elden, Mapping the Present: Heidegger, Foucault and the Project of a Spatial History David Harvey, Spaces of Capital: Towards a Critical Geography David Cunningham and Jon Goodbun Nancy Bauer, Simone de Beauvoir: Philosophy and Feminism Stella Sandford Wendy Brown, Politics Out of History Alessandra Tanesini Michael Richardson and Krzysztof Fijalkowski, eds, Surrealism Against the Current: Tracts […]

110 Reviews

by , , , , , , and / RP 110 (Nov/Dec 2001) / Reviews

Georg Lukács, A Defence of History and Class Consciousness: Tailism and the Dialectic Fredric Jameson Julia Kristeva, The Sense and Non-sense of Revolt: The Powers and Limits of Psychoanalysis Dominique Lecourt, The Mediocracy: French Philosophy since the Mid-1970s David Macey Christopher Norris, Minding the Gap: Epistemology and Philosophy of Science in the Two Traditions Roger Harris Jonathan Michael Kaplan, The Limits and Lies of Human Genetic Research: Dangers for Social […]

109 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , and / RP 109 (Sep/Oct 2001) / Reviews

Ted Honderich, Philosopher: A Kind of Life David Macey Peter Osborne, Philosophy in Cultural Theory Jean-Jacques Lecercle Will Kymlicka, Politics in the Vernacular: Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Citizenship Alessandra Tanesini Benjamin H.D. Buchloh, Neo-Avant-garde and Culture Industry: Essays on European and American Art from 1955 to 1975 Andrew Fisher Stella Sandford, The Metaphysics of Love: Gender and Transcendence in Levinas Robin Durie William Irwin, Mark T. Conard and Aeon J. Skoble, […]

107 Reviews

by , , , , and / RP 107 (May/Jun 2001) / Reviews

Dipesh Chakrabarty, Provincializing Europe: Postcolonial Thought and Historical Difference Harry Harootunian, Overcome by Modernity: History, Culture and Community in Interwar Japan John Kraniauskas David Macey, Frantz Fanon: A Life Philip Derbyshire Susan Buck-Morss, Dreamworld and Catastrophe: The Passing of Mass Utopia in East and West Nick Stone Denise Riley, The Words of Selves: Identification, Solidarity, Irony Carol Watts Will Kymlicka and Wayne Norman, eds, Citizenship in Diverse Societies Ross Poole […]

106 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , and / RP 106 (Mar/Apr 2001) / Reviews

Alain Badiou, Manifesto for Philosophy Stewart Martin Randy Thornhill and Craig Palmer, A Natural History of Rape Lynne Segal Diana Coole, Negativity and Politics: Dionysus and Dialectics from Kant to Poststructuralism Jonathan Joseph Paul Patton, Deleuze and the Political Nathan Widder Ian Buchanan, Michel de Certeau: Cultural Theorist Ben Highmore Joseph McCarney, Hegel on History Jane Chamberlain Samuel C. Wheeler III, Deconstruction as Analytic Philosophy Iain MacKenzie Tim Dean, Beyond Sexuality James Penney Chris Philo and Chris […]

104 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , and / RP 104 (Nov/Dec 2000) / Reviews

G.A. Cohen, If Youʼre an Egalitarian, How Come Youʼre So Rich? Sean Sayers Lutz Koepnick, Walter Benjamin and the Aesthetics of Power Esther Leslie, Walter Benjamin: Overpowering Conformism Giles Peaker Alexander García Düttmann, Between Cultures: Tensions in the Struggle for Recognition Peter Hallward Ross Poole, Nation and Identity Bruce Robbins Kimberly Hutchings, International Political Theory: Rethinking Ethics in a Global Era Molly Cochran, Normative Theory in International Relations: A Pragmatic […]

102 Reviews

by , , , , , and / RP 102 (Jul/Aug 2000) / Reviews

Simon Glendinning, ed., The Edinburgh Encyclopedia of Continental Philosophy Stella Sandford Jean Laplanche, Essays on Otherness David Macey Alasdair MacIntyre, Dependent Rational Animals: Why Human Beings Need the Virtues Stuart Hampshire, Justice is Conflict Sean Sayers Penelope Deutscher and Kelly Oliver, eds, Enigmas: Essays on Sarah Kofman Jean-Jacques Lecercle Max Blechman, ed., Revolutionary Romanticism Matthew Beaumont William D. Blattner, Heideggerʼs Temporal Idealism Espen Hammer John Mullarkey, ed., The New Bergson […]

98 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , and / RP 098 (Nov/Dec 1999) / Reviews

Peter Coates, Nature: Western Attitudes since Ancient Times Tim Hayward, Political Theory and Ecological Values Kate Soper Jan Golinski, Making Knowledge Natural: Constructivism and the History of Science Roger Harris Morris Dickstein, ed., The Revival of Pragmatism: New Essays on Social Thought, Law and Culture Stephen Mulhall Perry Anderson, The Origins of Postmodernity Harry Harootunian Fredric Jameson, Brecht and Method Steve Giles Jed Rasula and Steve McCaffery, Imagining Language: An […]

97 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , and / RP 097 (Sep/Oct 1999) / Reviews

Edmond Wright and Elizabeth Wright, eds, The Žižek Reader Ben Watson Isaiah Berlin, The Roots of Romanticism Andrew Bowie Michael Ignatieff, Isaiah Berlin: A Life Anthony Arblaster Maria Pia Lara, Moral Textures: Feminist Narratives in the Public Sphere Robin May Schott Maurice Godelier, The Enigma of the Gift Judith Still Alessandra Tanesini, An Introduction to Feminist Epistemologies Alison Ainley Alessandro Ferrara, Reflective Authenticity: Rethinking the Project of Modernity Elliot Jurist […]

96 Reviews

by , , , , , , and / RP 096 (Jul/Aug 1999) / Reviews

Friedrich Schleiermacher, Hermeneutics and Criticism and Other Writings Terry Eagleton H.S. Harris, Hegelʼs Ladder, I: The Pilgrimage of Reason H.S. Harris, Hegelʼs Ladder, II: The Odyssey of Spirit Stephen Houlgate Christine Battersby, The Phenomenal Woman: Feminist Metaphysics and the Patterns of Identity Elin Diamond Theodor W. Adorno, Metaphysik: Begriffe und Probleme Alexander García Düttmann Simon Sadler, The Situationist City David Macey David Dyzenhaus, Legality and Legitimacy: Carl Schmitt, Hans Kelsen […]