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Noam Chomsky

Freedom and power
by and / RP 172 (Mar/Apr 2012) / Interview

Peter Hallward I’d like to start by asking you about some of your basic philosophical principles, starting with your understanding of human freedom and creativity. In the modern European tradition I’m most familiar with, freedom is a dominant philosophical theme from Descartes through Rousseau to Kant. With Kant we have an affirmation …

Imaginative mislocation

Hiroshima’s Genbaku Dome, ground zero of the twentieth century
by / RP 162 (Jul/Aug 2010) / Article

The average Westerner … was wont to regard Japan as barbarous while she indulged in the gentle arts of peace: he calls her civilized since she began to commit wholesale slaughter on Manchurian battlefields. Kakuzo Okakura, The Book of Tea, 1906

The controversy that erupted in March over the publication of Charles Pellegrino’s account of …

Who was Oscar Masotta?

Psychoanalysis in Argentina
by / RP 158 (Nov/Dec 2009) / Article

As Manuel Vázquez Montalbán’s sardonic detective Pepe Carvalho ruefully observed, in a dictionary of Argentine clichés, psychoanalysis would have a crucial place, along with ‘tango and the disappeared’.1 ‘One’ knows that along with Paris, Buenos Aires is one of the centres of psychoanalytic practice, and one of the leading training centres …

Art, work and politics in disciplinary societies and societies of security

Dossier: Art and Immaterial Labour
by / RP 149 (May/Jun 2008) / Art and Immaterial Labour, Article, Dossier

An aesthetic education against aesthetic education

Dossier: documenta 12 magazines project
by / RP 141 (Jan/Feb 2007) / Article, documenta 12 magazines project, Dossier

Documenta 12ʼs commitment to the question of what is to be done in education is to be welcomed from an institution that has sought to sustain itself as an autonomous cultural realm, a public sphere, in the face of its fabulous state sponsorship and relations to the art market. The articulation of the question in …

Nihilism and faith

Rose, Bernstein and the future of Critical Theory
by / RP 134 (Nov/Dec 2005) / Article

A salutary shock for bien pensant Europe

by / RP 133 (Sep/Oct 2005) / Commentary

To judge the significance of the French and Dutch rejections of the so-called EU Constitution, we need some assessment of what the nature of the current EU project actually is. Mainstream academic answers to this question take for granted two ideas about the EU: first, that there has been a basic continuity of the EU …

Agonized liberalism

The liberal theory of William E. Connolly
by / RP 127 (Sep/Oct 2004) / Article

Ruptured formalism

The challenge of bioethics and the limits of moral formalism
by / RP 125 (May/Jun 2004) / Article

The ethics of conviction

Marxism, ontology and religion
by / RP 121 (Sep/Oct 2003) / Article

Oedipus as figure

by / RP 118 (Mar/Apr 2003) / Article

‘Radical evil’ revived

Hitler, Kant, Luther, neo-Lacanianism
by / RP 098 (Nov/Dec 1999) / Article

Constitutional state and democracy

On Jürgen Habermas’s Between Facts and Norms
by / RP 096 (Jul/Aug 1999) / Article

The new Bergsonism

Discipline, subjectivity and freedom
by / RP 092 (Nov/Dec 1998) / Article

Ecology and Human Emancipation

by / RP 062 (Autumn 1992) / Article

Freedom’s Devices

The Place of the Individual in Hegel's Philosophy of Right
by / RP 059 (Autumn 1991) / Article

Active Citizenship as Political Obligation

+ Community as Compulsion? A Reply to Skillen on Citizenship and the State
by , and / RP 058 (Summer 1991) / Article

The Inorganic Body and the Ambiguity of Freedom

by / RP 057 (Spring 1991) / Article

Boundaries Versus Binaries

Bakhtin in/against the History of Ideas
by / RP 054 (Spring 1990) / Article

Feminism and Images of Autonomy

by / RP 050 (Autumn 1988) / Article