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John Mepham, 1938–2012

An English Marxist
by / RP 177 (Jan/Feb 2013) / Obituary

John Mepham, one of the founding editors of Radical Philosophy, died in London, in September, aged 73. He was a fine thinker and much valued teacher, whose expertise ranged across science, philosophy and literature. During his period as a lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Sussex (1965-76) he played an important part in the promotion of Marxist philosophical studies in the British academy. His final post before retirement was […]

108 Reviews

by , , , , , and / RP 108 (Jul/Aug 2001) / Reviews

Martha C. Nussbaum, Women and Human Development: The Capabilities Approach Swasti Mitter Teresa Brennan, Exhausting Modernity: Grounds for a New Economy Tony Smith, Technology and Capital in the Age of Lean Production Christopher J. Arthur Stanley Cohen, States of Denial: Knowing about Atrocities and Suffering Lynne Segal Couze Venn, Occidentalism: Modernity and Subjectivity David Cunningham Andrew Benjamin, Architectural Philosophy Jeremy Till Elizabeth Wilson, Bohemians: The Glamorous Outcasts Elizabeth Wilson, The […]

Hearing the silence

by / RP 098 (Nov/Dec 1999) / Article

88 Reviews

by , , , , and / RP 088 (Mar/Apr 1998) / Reviews

Quentin Skinner, Reason and Rhetoric in the Philosophy of Hobbes Brian Vickers, ed., Francis Bacon: A Critical Edition of the Major Works Jonathan Rée Jodi Dean, ed., Feminism and the New Democracy: Resisting the Political Anne Seller Charles E. Reagan, Paul Ricoeur: His Life and His Work Richard Kearney, ed., Paul Ricoeur: Hermeneutics of Action Lois McNay Katharine Conley, Automatic Woman: The Representation of Woman in Surrealism David Macey Dwight […]

75 Reviews

by , , , , , , , and / RP 075 (Jan/Feb 1996) / Reviews

Michael Weston, Kierkegaard and Modern Continental Philosophy Peter Fenves, ‘Chatter’: Language and History in Kierkegaard Jonathan Rée Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, What is Philosophy? Constantin V. Boundas and Dorothea Olkowski, eds., Gilles Deleuze and the Theater of Philosophy Jean-Jacques Lecercle Robert Brenner, Merchants and Revolution Charles Tilly, European Revolutions, 1492-1992 Noel Parker Sandra Harding, ed., The ‘Racial’ Economy of Science Kathleen Lennon Antonio Gramsci, Letters from Prison Gregory Elliott Georges […]

66 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 066 (Spring 1994) / Reviews

Didier Eribon, Michel Foucault David Macey, The Lives of Michel Foucault James Miller, The Passion of Michel Foucault Kate Soper John Rawls, Political Liberalism David Archard Jacques Derrida, Acts of Literature Jacques Derrida, Cinders Jacques Derrida, The Other Heading Willy Maley Gianni Vattimo, The Transparent Society Jügen Habermas, Postmetaphysical Thinking Anthony Elliott David Watson, Hannah Arendt Jeffrey Isaac, Arendt, Camus and Modern Rebellion Marcus Roberts Margaret Canovan, Hannah Arendt John […]

64 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 064 (Summer 1993) / Reviews

Jean-François Lyotard, The Inhuman: Reflections on Time Norbert Elias, Time: An Essay Peter Osborne Stephen Mulhall and Adam Swift, Liberals and Communitarians Richard Bellamy, Liberalism and Modern Society: an Historical Argument David Archard Simon Critchley, The Ethics of Deconstruction: Derrida and Levinas William Large Stephen Houlgate, Freedom, Truth and History: An Introduction to Hegel’s Philosophy Katerina Deligiorgi Didier Eribon, Michel Foucault Michel Foucault, Foucault Live: Interviews 1966-1984 Michel Foucault, Remarks […]

63 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 063 (Spring 1993) / Reviews

Reiner Grundmann, Marxism and Ecology Jonathan Hughes Theodor W. Adorno, Alban Berg, Master of the Smallest Link Lambert Zuidervaart, Adorno’ s Aesthetic Theory: The Redemption of Illusion Jonathan Rée Moira Gatens, Feminism and Philosophy: Perspectives on Difference and Equality Herta Nagl-Docekal and Herlinde Pauer-Studer, eds., Denken der Geschlechterdifferenz: Neue Fragen und Perspectiven der Feministischen Philosophie Kathleen Nutt Peter Laslett and James S. Fishkin, eds., Justice between Age Groups and Generations […]

62 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 062 (Autumn 1992) / Reviews

Michele Le Doeuff, Hipparchia’s Choice Catherine Wilson Jonathan Bate, Romantic Ecology: Wordsworth and the Environmental Tradition Martin Ryle Axel Honneth, The Critique of Power: Reflective Stages in a Critical Social Theory Thomas McCarthy, Ideals and Illusions: On Reconstruction and Deconstruction in Contemporary Critical Theory Jane Braaten, Habermas’ s Critical Theory of Society Anthony Elliott Hubert L. Dreyfus, Being-in-the-World: A Commentary on Heidegger’ s ‘Being and Time’, Division One Jonathan Rée […]

On National Identity

A Response to Jonathan Rée
by / RP 062 (Autumn 1992) / Article

61 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 061 (Summer 1992) / Reviews

Bernard Harrison, Inconvenient Fictions: Literature and the Limits of Theory Genevieve Lloyd Len Doyal and lan Gough, A Theory of Human Need Roger Harris Gregor McLennan, Marxism, Pluralism and Beyond Kevin Magill Krishnan Kumar, Utopianism Ruth Levitas, The Concept of Utopia Ernst Bloch, Heritage of Our Times Vincent Geoghegan Ellie Ragland Sullivan and Mark Bracher, eds., Lacan and the Subject of Language Alexandre Leupin, ed., Lacan and the Human Sciences […]

60 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 060 (Spring 1992) / Reviews

Kate Soper, Troubled Pleasures: Writings on Politics, Gender and Hedonism Peter Osborne, ed., Socialism and the Limits of Liberalism Dave Archard Richard Rorty, Objectivity, Relativism and Truth and Essays on Heidegger and Others, Philosophical Papers, Vols. I and II Kate Soper Terry Eagleton, Ideology: An Introduction Richard Rorty Gary Saul Morson and Caryl Emerson, Mikhail Bakhtin: Creation of a Prosaics David Lodge, After Bakhtin: Essays on Fiction and Criticism Malcolm V. Jones, Dostoyevsky […]

59 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 059 (Autumn 1991) / Reviews

Alan J. Friedman and Carol C. Donley, Einstein as Myth and Muse Jonathan Powers Mike S. Dufrenne, In the Presence of the Sensuous Matthew Rampley Louis Althusser, Philosophy and the Spontaneous Philosophy of The Scientists and Other Essays Alison Assiter, Althusser and Feminism Andrew Collier, Scientific Realism and Socialist Thought Ted Benton Andrew Benjamin, Translation and the Nature of Philosophy: A New Theory of Words Jean-Jacques Lecercle Clemens Lugowski, Form, […]

58 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 058 (Summer 1991) / Reviews

Tom Steele, Alfred Orange and the Leeds Arts Club 1893-1923 Jonathan Rée K. W. M. Fulford, Moral Theory and Medical Practice Patricia Prior Hennan Rapaport, Heidegger and Derrida: Reflections on Time and Language David Wood Jean Baudrillard, Selected Writings Matthew Festenstein Barbara Noske, Humans and Other Animals: Beyond the Boundaries of Anthropology Lucy Frith Paul Franco, The Political Philosophy of Michael Oakeshott Chris Lawn Gemma Corradi Fiumara, The Other Side […]

57 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 057 (Spring 1991) / Reviews

Andrew Collier, Socialist Reasoning: An Inquiry into the Political Philosophy of Scientific Socialism Maurice Cowling, Mill and Liberalism, Second Edition Milton Fisk, The State and Justice: An Essay in Political Theory Carol G. Gould, Rethinking Democracy: Freedom and social cooperation in politics, economy and society Will Kymlicka, Liberalism, Community and Culture Ellen Frankel Paul, Fred D. Miller Jr. and Jeffrey Paul, eds., Foundations of Moral and Political Philosophy David West, […]

56 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , and / RP 056 (Autumn 1990) / Reviews

Geoffrey Scarre, ed., Children, Parents and Politics Carolyn Steedman, Childhood, Culture and Class in Britain: Margaret McMillan, 1860-1931 David Archard Alison Assiter, Pornography, Feminism and the lndividual Jean Grimshaw Otto Pöggeler, Martin Heidegger’s Path of Thinking Jonathan Rée David Gooding, Trevor Pinch, Simon Schaffer, eds., The Uses of Experiment Jonathan Powers Morwenna Griffiths and Margaret Whiteford, eds., Feminist Perspectives in Philosophy Tina Chanter Agnes Heller and Ferenc Feher, The Postmodern […]

54 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 054 (Spring 1990) / Reviews

Isidor Feinstein Stone, The Trial of Socrates Ken Sievers Gerhard Funke, Phenomenology: Metaphysics or Method? Jonathan Rée Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, Anna Freud: A Biography David Macey Tom Regan, Animal Rights Arne Naess, Ecology, Community and Lifestyle Andy Dobson Charles L. Griswold, ed., Platonic Writings, Platonic Readings Claude Pehrson Amitai Etzioni, The Moral Dimension: Toward a New Economics Michael Rustin Didier Anzieu, The Skin Ego: A Psychoanalytic Study of the Self David […]

52 Reviews

by , , , , and / RP 052 (Summer 1989) / Reviews

Carole Pateman, The Sexual Contract Anne Phillips Richard Dien Winfield, The Just Economy Robert Stern William E. Connolly, Political Theory and Modernity Andy Dobson Paul Ricoeur, Time and Narrative, Volume III Jonathan Rée Graham McCann, Marilyn Monroe Howard Feather Andrew Brennan, Thinking About Nature: an investigation of nature, value and ecology Andy Dobson H. Tudor and J. M. Tudor, eds., Marxism and Social Democracy: The Revisionist Debate, 1896-1898 David Forgacs, […]

51 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , and / RP 051 (Spring 1989) / Reviews

Gregory Elliott, Althusser: The Detour of Theory Peter Osborne R. Bhaskar, Scientific Realism and Human Emancipation Paul Fox-Strangways Jacques Lacan, The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book 1: Freud’s Papers on Technique 1953-1954, Book 2: The Ego in Freud’ s Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis 1954-1955 David Macey Peter Clark and Crispin Wright, eds., Mind, Psychoanalysis and Science David Archard Alasdair MacIntyre, Whose Justice? Which Rationality? Roger Harris James […]

48 Reviews

by , , , , , , , , , , and / RP 048 (Spring 1988) / Reviews

Lynne Segal, Is the Future Female? Alison Assiter W. F. Haug, Critique of Commodity Aesthetics: Appearance, Sexuality and Advertising in Capitalist Society Don Slater Sexuality: A Reader, edited by Feminist Review Margaret Atack Walter Benjamin, Moscow Diary Graham McCann Paul A. Komesaroff, Objectivity, Science and Society Howard Feather Norman Geras, Literature of Revolution: Essays on Marxism Alex Callinicos Len Doyal and Roger Harris, Empiricism. Explanation and Rationality Kathleen Lennon Richard […]